Greg Bulmash has been blogging since before the word “blog” was coined. In 1995, in 100k of web space, he launched “Greg Bulmash’s Humor Page”. The archives still exist in most part on bulmash.com.

Aside from freelance articles, Greg has worked in multiple roles both full-time and contract, both technical and non-technical, at Amazon and Microsoft. He’s been in charge of the Internet Movie Database, been a PHP SDE at Microsoft, writen developer documentation for Internet Explorer 11 and Edge as well as AWS Sagemaker GroundTruth, and he has been an evangelist for Avalara AvaTax and Login with Amazon.

He currently works as a Technical Evangelist with Amazon Alexa, helping developers learn to create custom skills for the plethors of devices with Alexa built in. He also runs Seattle CoderDojo, a volunteer group that holds free meetups to teach kids STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) skills, though it is on hiatus until large gatherings (over 50 people) are once again safe and legal.

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