Trump Doesn't Want You to Know This

...this is the Republican secret Donald Trump doesn't want you to know!


Why isn’t anyone talking about this? The media won’t tell you about this. Trump doesn’t want you to know this. It is the biggest lie no one is talking about.

And the lie is that something crucial is being hidden from you. The lie is that the knowledge being presented to you is somehow escaping the oppression of shadowy interests who are afraid of you knowing it.

That’s the opening line of every snake oil pitch. “The miracle cure is being kept from you by big pharma and big agriculture because they want to keep you hooked on their expensive drugs and poisonous foods. But I am here to tell you the truth about the inexpensive herbal blend they have tried to suppress!”

And it’s also the opening of all the conspiracy theories and psychological warfare trying to keep all of America off kilter.

Today I’ve seen people asking why the media wasn’t talking about a heinous crime. The media was, and in fact, it seems that the media was talking about it before conspiracy theorists started accusing them of not talking about it. But if you hadn’t seen the coverage, then you’d have to actually check the claims of the social media posts telling you that this news was being kept from you.

And how many people check those claims? How many can? They just get mad, hit “share,” and maybe add an angry comment for good measure.

Another right wing troll was claiming his post of a photo of a display of suitcases in a Polish Holocaust museum had been taken down 4 times by Facebook, which he concluded was because “the left” somehow doesn’t want you to see it. Can you prove that Facebook didn’t take it down 4 times? It might be a lie or he might have accompanied it with hate speech to get it taken down for the speech, not the photo. But this guy whose account was created in May had thousands of replies and tens of thousands of shares.

Odd how a lot of the accounts that are sharing the things that liberals and the left don’t want you to know were created in the last few months.

On Twitter, one of my contacts reposted a video from a guy driving down a street in NYC, pointing out how all the stores were boarded up and saying it was the result of looting. Why wasn’t this all over the news, he demanded to know.

It was… in March… when the stores boarded up defensively as the lockdown restrictions made them send everyone home. But he wants you to be angry at the protesters. He wants you to question why the full extent of the damage of the racial justice protests was withheld… even though it wasn’t.

He tells you a lie and then asks you why the media isn’t repeating it as his proof that it’s true. She spins a story in a totally bullshit way, creating a false equivalence between two events and then asks why people who protested one aren’t protesting the other. The narrators imply or even state outright that this is because of public bias, hatred, and suppression of information. “They” don’t want you to know.

This is how they sell distrust. This is how they sell the destruction of truth. This is how they legitimize outright psychological warfare operations against our country… by telling you that the stuff they’re peddling is something some nefarious cabal doesn’t want you to know. Maybe it’s George Soros or the medical industry or Joe Biden or “the left” or Black Lives Matter (aka their new Illuminati of destroying everything good and white about America).

And people are shocked and they’re outraged and they hit “share.” And now it’s not just some rando saying it. It’s someone you know sharing it. And that lends even more credibility.

“For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God,” said the serpent.

Satan’s whole pitch to Eve was to make her resentful about the knowledge that was being withheld, because God wanted to keep her from becoming like Him. The entirety of human history and we’re still falling for it. We’re going to let Satan trick us into destroying our country, using the same trick he used on Eve.

That’s what Trump doesn’t want you to know, what he and Fox news and all his political operatives don’t want you to know… that they’re creating anger, resentment, and luring us to our own downfall using the oldest trick in “the book.”